December 11, 2014

Recently, I've been pretty crazy over slimming products cos I feel like I'm a little pudgier (HAHA PUDGY) than usual.. With all the late night suppers and excessive sweet drinks I can't help but crave for constantly, it's no surprise anyway!

There are a lot of different slimming products on the market but I think the safest way to lose weight would definitely not be oral supplements/medications but products you can apply on your skin. 
*A tip : Always do a small swatch test first to see if your skin can accept the product*

Which is why I was all excited when MyBlackShop emailed me to ask if I wanted to try their soaps that include the slimming soap which is made in Korea, made of all natural ingredients and easy to use instructions.

When the package arrived it smelled SO good, I could smell it the moment I held the parcel in my hands without even opening it. Yes, it was all wrapped up and I could already smell it! Amazing. 

On the left, the Slimming bar of soap. MyBlackShop also sent me a Bust Up soap, on the right!

This is how the slimming soap looks like. I've been pretty busy so I've only managed to have the time to use it three days, twice a day so far, so I don't know if it's good enough to show results.. But I do feel that my tummy and arms are a lil bit firmer than usual!

And as for the Bust-Up soap.. I've used this three to four times over the last few days.
And there is a difference, for sure. Regarding why - It's actually been awhile that I've experienced my bust size changing... It's quite weird, and this soap did help even more.
I think it's because I have went for treatment at TBE more often recently, plus my body seems to be experiencing a REALLY serious second wave of puberty (complete with horrible mood swings, zits, and my hips are so much bigger than they used to be..) so I don't know if it's just the soap but my bust size is really bigger than it used to be ><

Can't wait to use these soaps for a longer period of time and hopefully the results will be so obvious I can measure it and calculate the exact difference instead of just feeling that it's firmer or bigger!

I like how these products are so safe to use,  there's no harm trying it out at all.. and plus they smell really wonderful anyway!
Quote my name 'rchlwngx' for 10% off all purchases.
If you don't know how to use the discount, do check out THIS LINK.

For best results, do follow the steps for both Slimming and Bust-up soap to massage at least minimum of 30seconds. 


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