One Team SG

December 3, 2014

I've grown up in Singapore all my life, and although I haven't been to many countries (cos honestly, I am someone who misses home so easily) but I always feel so proud of Singapore in many ways whenever I'm abroad. Our country is so clean, organized, safe and we have soooo many different kinds of delicious foods everywhere!

One thing that I do wish Singapore had more of?
I'd definitely say we should love ourselves more.

In Korea, I see everyone being extremely proud of being Korean. They only use Korea-made products (like LG/Samsung phones >> iPhones) whenever possible, and when I talk to them about K-pop and Korean TV, it's not a trend.. but something they have always been supportive of and they are REALLY proud of because it has made Korea's name go global and proud.

We can and should be more like that! Let's be proud of our country, our culture, our homegrown brands and our talents whether it be entertainment or sports.

I came across this video recently and it dawned on me that we can do just that: support our #OneTeamSG athletes as our voices can make a world of difference to them.

Singapore's 50th birthday is coming…and the 28th South East Asian Games is approaching as well, which will be a major sporting event held in SG next June, as well as the 8th ASEAN Para games in December. Let's support the Team Singapore athletes who have been training really hard to make us proud!  

"Your Voice Changes the Game. 5 Million Voices. One Team."