{AD} Kenzie // Hair

January 28, 2015

I'm always on the look out for hair masks/treatments because the ends of my hair is CRAZY dry and although I sort of like that it's dry cos it gives me volume (I know it sound insane lol) and it's really easy to style, according to the stylists who have styled my hair before, having such unhealthy hair is not pretty when it's not styled. 

So I was pretty excited that Kenzie Professional Care sent me their product for a try...
Although I've never heard of the brand before to be honest.. I'm always game to try a whole lotta different kinds of stuff for my haircare/skincare needs. Afterall, we all react differently to different types of products and you never know till you try!

If you look at the bottle I shot, it looks messy and half of it is used but that's cos I wanted to give it a try first to make sure it's good stuff before I posted anything here.

The instructions are simple, just use it after a shampoo and avoid the scalp at all costs! It's very rich so you don't wanna clog up your scalp.

My hair is still dry - of course, no such thing as miracles when it comes to hair texture - but it is much softer to touch. I do feel the difference!

It's made in Korea and contains Jojoba oil which is really good for dry skin/hair!

Get it HERE. And the special code is 'rchlwngx' at check out for 10% off.