{AD} Landon & Mitch

January 27, 2015

Landon & Mitch has quality eyewear in many styles for everyone!
"Landon & Mitch We curate hardware and glasses. We love coffee. We're all about style and specs appeal. Follow us for more!"

The glasses they sent me came in two lovely wooden boxes... I only picked one for this post but they were kind enough to send me another. Thanks guys x

And honestly, I wasn't expecting such great quality upon opening the boxes up but was pleasantly surprised! 

You can see that the workmanship is fine and you can't feel it from photos, of course, but it's really sturdy and I love that the wood is raw yet polished.

Their glasses are named after coffee, and my favourite is the Americano.

If you wanna style up your wardrobe a little, perhaps you could opt for a pair of glasses! I think it looks great with geek-inspired outfits like overalls or a collared, casual weekend shirt.

Quote 'RACWNG20' for 20% off till April!