Browtisan : Lashes

January 29, 2015

I'm so excited to be sharing about Browtisan in this entry..!

Browtisan is a new salon in town and not one you should miss out on. Coco is an extremely talented lady who draws eyebrows sooo well you can't believe they're even drawn on cos they look extremely natural - strand by strand. 

She has at least 20 years of experience in this field and so you know you're in good hands with her!
This post is not paid, only sponsored and I wouldn't be on a long term sponsorship if I didn't truly believe in them.. So thankful Coco wants to take care of my brows/lashes and I.

See what I mean by PERFECT brows? Every time she draws them on for me I really wish I didn't have to clean them off at night before I sleep.
The importance of good eyebrows is beyond description.. I do believe you can never look pretty if your brows don't compliment your face. I've had my fair share of bad brows (drawn/embroidered) so yes, I'm really ultra grateful and excited that I don't have to worry about them anymore with Coco around.

I'm still on my journey to perfect brows. The last eyebrow embroidery that I did was actually a very bad job and so now I'm undergoing very painful laser removal treatments to get rid of that first before Coco helps me do the permanent embroidery. I can't wait. 
It will take about 2 more sessions till my skin is ready for the final embroidery session so I'll keep this space updated on that for sure!
I still have to draw my eyebrows on everyday cos I'm not blessed with naturally thick brows and it's such a pain. Years of drawing them on daily and I still hardly get them right... Grrr.

Meanwhile, she's been doing my eyelash extensions as of this year and this set has gotta be my favourite! The last set was much more dramatic and although I liked it for a heavier makeup kind of look.. it's a bit too much for the day time. So she customised this shorter, but thicker five layer lash combination for me which I really love. 

Above three photos by @_pla5ma3oy - the not so professional ones are my pictures ><

Here's where you can find them!

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You can also find them on FACEBOOK.