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January 26, 2015

I headed down to LUSH Aesthetics some time last December to get a Fat Freeze treatment done on both my arms...! I was so excited cos I always have had this issue with my arms being too flabby for my liking and I don't really wanna convert 'em to muscles as well cos that will not mean it'll be skinnier in terms of circumference.. just less flabby? 
Well I just want the fats to be gone!

If you're curious about how fat freezing works, here is a simple cartoon chart to explain the procedure...

It was quite a quick procedure and if you're wondering if it hurts.. No it doesn't hurt, but it does feel uncomfortable cos your arm will be kinda numb and you'll need to keep moving your hands during the treatment so it doesn't totally numb over. 

This is how my arm looked like after the treatment. It actually looks even bigger than usual cos I guess it just got 'squeezed' really tightly and the bruising is totally normal. It should go away in about a week?

And of course, I'm sure you guys wanna see some results! 
That's why I waited for a month before I posted the post cos I wanted to see results for myself before I posted about it.. Every sponsored/paid post here or on my IG are only things I truly believe in and like. The same goes for sponsored treatments like this, I'll always make sure I'm only sharing the good stuff!

I'm happy to say I've lost 2cm on my left arm, (even more on the right) but to be conservative I thought it'd be best I give the lower difference.

My skin does look pretty weird in the 'after' pic, but that's just my skin being VERY dry and peeling off at the areas the fat freeze cup was placed. I think the dead skin also gets 'frozen' and thus peels off. Nothing some moisturiser can't fix.

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LUSH Aesthetics
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Address: Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road #06-11, Singapore 247909


Now that my arms are slimmer, I don't have to be so shy about wearing sleeveless tops anymore!
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