January 19, 2015

Been pretty busy lately but I have some time today to do up an update on some of the food places I've tried recently as well as general bloggin' to remember this week by...

Met a girlfriend for tea and it was quite funny how we decided to try Fairmont's High Tea - She sent me a pic of this drawer set that they serve there and I was like "Ok, let's try it!!!!" and then we joked about how maybe the food isn't good and it's just the drawer that's nice and all we'd get from it is nice photos and an unsatisfied tummy...
And it turned out to be true. A lot of it tasted really weird to us and the only yummy thing I can remember is probably the chocolate coated strawberries that you can find anywhere. 

Oh and!! The waitress was also pretty rude.. we only wanted to order 1 set cos we both weren't hungry but she told us they can't do that, in a snobby way like as if we can't afford to order two sets. So ok, we ordered two sets and it was WAY too much and not even yummy. 
So yes, for those of you who were asking on IG, this is Fairmont and I don't recommend it!


Headed to Koh Grill and Sushi Bar on another night but wasn't craving for sushi at all.. I wanted some garlic rice and my favourite cod fish. So yummy!
Never a disappointment...


I love seafood, especially prawns and black-peppered/chilli crab.. Headed to Ubin First Stop at Changi V which is not a swanky place but at least you know the food you're being served will be up to standard. I highly recommend the spicy squid dish and black pepper crab cos it's sooo spicy and yummy and the crab claws were HUGE!

Also tried Lady M at OC for desserts after a Haidilao lunch with the boys.. The place is really pretty!
And the cakes aren't too bad too.. I love the berry tart, it's not overly sweet like tarts usually are.

They gave me a new handphone casing too with my favourite Alice! Thankq!!

Groupshot with my selfie cam. It's really so awesome for selfies!

When you're out with this group of boys.. Even if you're a girl, you end up waiting while they shop.....

And waiting...


Okie, awkward ending to my post.
A friend got me to re-watch UP and I really love the movie so much.. Gotta be one of my favourite Disney movies other than Alice in Wonderland. 

Another busy week to conquer! May we all be kinder, everyone has their own battles to fight.