Weekend Foodie Adventures

January 26, 2015

All my days should be almost the same to me since I'm basically freelance and can do all my jobs at my own time and target but there's just something about the weekends that make me feel a little more adventurous when it comes to my food!

Weekdays you'll probably find me at my usual teochew porridge/CP ban mee/HaiDiLao haunts, but weekends I'm all out willing to try new places and that's what we did this week..

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is pretty near where I live and so we decided to check it out. So glad we did cos we found a cosy place with comfort food and good coffee. 


Also headed to La Taperia at Shaw House for Spanish food. Chev brought me here the last time and this time I brought my friends! We enjoyed a lovely dinner at their outdoor table on Friday night and I highly recommend this place if you wanna try something new and delicious.


Saturday's dinner was just us two and a craving for good ramen. A friend recommended this place, saying the broth was very tasty so we went ahead to try their signature tonkatsu broth ramen and fried chicken and it was not disappointing at all!

I don't know about you but I always appreciate a good meal and strongly believe in living to eat and not eating to live... Hope you guys enjoy my recommendations as much as I did!

*None of these were sponsored/paid for..!! Unless you consider my boyfriend my long term food sponsor like I do then yeah, it's kinda sponsored lol*