What's In Da Bag??

January 5, 2015

Spent sooo many days at home in bed cos I was down with a REALLY bad flu for most of last week. Sucks to be sick!! I only got better yesterday (Sunday) so D suggested we go for some fresh air... And so we headed to the beach to find a beachside restaurant/cafe to eat and to take a stroll ^.^

We headed to the closest one, at East Coast. There aren't many places to eat there.. So we had Crab in Da Bag for lunch. 

Ordered this curry flavoured crab with fries and rice.. and my favourite part of the meal was the rice. I have no idea what they cooked it with and I have no pictures of it cos it looks like plain white rice so I thought it wouldn't make a good picture. Much to my surprise, it's SO flavorful, something like Nasi Lemak rice but better. By the time I tried it, my hands were all crabby and curried so yes, that explains the lack of pictures!

I wouldn't recommend you to go down specially to try it but if you're around the area and wanna have some seafood, go ahead and try it. Of course, don't forget to order the rice! 

The sun was so hot that day but we did enjoy a 10 minute stroll and realised the existence of family bikes for rent that come with a tent thing on top to protect you from the sun/rain.. Check it out behind me in the pic below. If this is not something new to you, then you know how long it's been since I've been to the beach HAHA.

Also bought new toys to play with. Both were so expensive, but I guess it's ok cos they're good investments.
Photography has got to be one of the most expensive hobbies, and it's so easy to get addicted!

The Casio TR camra is something I've wanted since a long time ago... if you're thinking if it's worth it to get it, I'd say yes if you have the extra cash (The cheapest you can get a new one for is $1.3k in SGD. Not cheap!) cos it's REALLY GOOD for selfies at any angle and the wide angle lens is pretty impressive in such a small body. So is the flash light for pics at night.

Ending the post with this really cute pic of Fifi. Chloe's having some bad skin issues for months and months now and I'm still trying to fix it together with the help of Melvin from Pooch Image (who kindly sponsors both my pups now for groomin'! Thank you!) so I haven't been snappin' any photos of her recently. 
Hopefully she gets better soon, her feet/paws are forever red and swollen and she doesn't let me comb them cos I guess it hurts and the fur just gets so tangled up :(

So busy with deadlines this week and planning trips for the first half of the year. Will update when I'm opening slots for adverts again!