2015's 1st +66

February 8, 2015

Just got back from my short weekend getaway to the land of smiles and I'm pretty happy it's the first country I'm visiting this year - BKK's charm has never worn off on me.. I still can't get enough of the shopping, the food and the massages.

I've been a little scared of flying since the chain of unfortunate plane incidents and I was still afraid while booking this trip but decided to go ahead with it anyway since I always believe that everything that's meant to be will be, good or bad. 
We booked tickets with a safer airline this time and I'm still in a bit of disbelief that Cathay Pacific's price was so good on the day we booked them!

I wanted to stay at GLOW, the usual hotel I stay at whenever I go there. I love it there coz of the marshmallow beds and I can wake up to Soi 19's wanton mee every day.. but D said we should try something new, something nicer. So I showed him Muse Hotel, a place I've known of since ages ago but found the price a little bit too high just for a sleep, and he went ahead to book it for us. I'm so thankful he did because it's a BEAUTIFUL hotel! 
I wish I remembered to take pictures of the lobby and hallways as well but I was too busy enjoying it to.. The hotel is at Langsuan, and I would say the location is not exactly convenient, but then again I cab everywhere whenever I'm there (I get tired really easily and have back pains if I walk too much, and yes, I'm only 22 this year...) so it doesn't make much of a difference to me. But if you like taking the train there to escape the bad traffic, the nearest station is about 15 minutes away. 

This was taken in the main lobby - the place is just so charming and the entire place smells heavenly.

The reason we chose to fly for just a weekend? D has school, and Chatuchak is open only on weekends! We managed to get to eat what I think is the BEST chicken noodles ever. Such a simple dish but so delicious. 

I shopped quite a bit at Chatuchak, buying a lot more than I thought I would..  If if you're wondering if you should shop at Platinum or Chatuchak, I would say skip Platinum coz I feel the stuff isn't as nice and they cost even more! Chatuchak has an entire row of shops that stock unique stuff and I love it.

Headed back to the hotel to rest and we checked out the rooftop bar at the hotel located on the 25th floor. Really cozy and the drinks aren't expensive as well. I heard it gets really crowded at night!

We ate at most of the usual places this trip, like Somtam Nua and everything else I've blogged about before, and wanted to head to MK Restaurant at Central World for dinner because I wanted steamboat pretty bad but walked by this restaurant called Nobu Shabu and decided to give it a try...

It's hotpot as well, but they offer set menus. There are appetizers, free flow veggies, rice, and an egg to dip your shabu into. It was about $55++SGD per person for each of us because we ordered the Kobe Beef set! A little pricey, but SO WORTH IT, coz the Kobe beef is ultra tasty.

Felt great waking up on their comfy bed, with pillows that surprisingly didn't cause me neckaches like they usually do. 

Came back home to blooms from last week still looking pretty good. Always love looking at flowers, they're so pretty! Even the imperfectly petal-ed ones.

Valentine's Day is comin'..!! The day it seems all men have to spend way too much cash to make their significant other happy. It's nice to have a day to commemorate this wonderful and crazy thing called love, but we all know money can't buy real love anyway and I do believe that everyday can and should be Valentine's Day when you're with the ones you love. Yes, I said 'ones' and not 'one' because Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers! It's a day for love, and there's love in both friendship and kinship as well.

As for me, I'm happy and thankful everyday because I'm very much doted on by both family and friends and have way, way more than I know I deserve.

Anyway, here's wishing all you kind souls out there a Happy Valentine's Day! May you have a whole lot of love and happiness in your heart, no matter your relationship status.