February 2, 2015

Went explorin' again over the weekend and took quite a few pictures so do note that this post is gonna be pretty long...!

It's been awhile since I've had a burger and my cravings, as usual, always have to be satisfied somehow coz I'll be in a pretty grumpy mood otherwise.. ><
It's a really bad habit and I'm trying to change but it's hard when the people around me almost never ever turn my cravings down but drive me to get them satisfied instead or even better, get the food I want delivered to me! #thankful #spoilt #whyigained2kg

So we headed to Omasake Burger for a late lunch. I like the burgers here cos they're really juicy and not too salty and I like that the beef is medium rare. Oh and the burger buns are always generously spread with some delicious butter/mayo whatever sauce it is. (Can't find the right words coz I'm no food blogger but I'm trying!)

And I loveeeee the truffle fries here! I think they re-fry it which may not be ideal to most people, but I love how extra crunchy it is because it s re-fried. 

Deets on my my get up for the day -
Nastygal Hat, WardrobeMess Tee, Topshop Overall, Chanel Necklace, Cartier Watch


And remember the post I did on Ikkousha Ramen not too long ago?
Well, I headed back there with the girls and this time I opted for the Red Tonkatsu one and I sooo wish I had ordered that the first time! There's spicy cod roe in the broth... It's too yummy.


Saturday night's outfit - Details on my INSTAGRAM!

We had Saveur coz I wanted to have the duck confit.. I think the standard's dropped a little, the food used to be yummier here. It's as affordable as ever, though the queues are unchanged - still really long so I suggest you go a little later than you usually would to beat the queues! I always have my dinner after 8pm, or even 9pm sometimes..

And then we found ourselves at 1 Altimate to celebrate BHo's birthday... Happy birthday big brother! The view is so pretty as always. I love city lights. 

A bit of a pity I didn't drink coz I wasn't feeling too good. We'll be back!


Also said I'd blog about Chicken Up, so here's a short review on it. 
I expected it to be really yummy so I have to say I was pretty disappointed, but I guess if you just want some fried chicken and soju Korean style, then it's good enough to satisfy your craving. I guess having the real thing in Korea makes everything here not so good. The Yakult Soju is really unique, so we ordered it and the initial taste is interesting and yummy but the after taste reminded me of my most hated liquid antibiotic I was forced to take whenever I was ill when I was younger.... Not so good, in my humble opinion! 


Still my favourite dinner/supper place in Singapore has got to be Hai Di Lao. 
We were so happy we got the small table we sat at the very first time we tried it! Memories..

That was pretty much my weekend, and a bit of my week. 

Another busy week ahead and guess what?! I'm heading to Bangkok on Friday and opening a very limited number of advertorial slots so if you're interested to have your items shot in the land of smiles, do email me at rachelwongz@hotmail.com 

Have an awesome week ahead!