Lenovo Yoga Tablet

February 7, 2015

I'm obviously a huge Apple fan - I love their sleek designs, user-friendly interface and.... um, sleek designs!!! (Hehe I'm all about the aesthetics!) Whenever I do use other products like from other brands like Samsung or LG, it's mostly as an 'extra' on the side, whenever my iPhone/iPad/Macbook isn't working somehow. 

So when Lenovo contacted me for this campaign, I honestly had my doubts.. I'm no good with Androids and I'm just not used to the idea of a tablet that isn't an iPad! 

But... I saw that the design was ultra sleek and SUPER functional so I decided to give it a try.  
(Now my tablet is free of all the original stickers and I blinged it up with my own design so it looks even better, but here’s the original!)

First of all - The size. I have with me the 8 inch YOGA Tablet 2 (there’s also a 10 inch one). It's not tiny like the iPad mini I have, so it really serves a different purpose. FOR SURE, movies and games are so much nicer to view and play on a bigger screen! So it goes without saying that if I had a choice to watch a show or play Candy Crush on either this tablet or my other smaller devices, I would prefer the Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 for its bigger screen!

Of course, aesthetics are not everything. This YOGA Tablet 2 has proven to be quite functional and here’s a short video of some of the functions that I love :

Out of those, there are a few that suited my lifestyle best! The HANG mode is the first I wanna mention simply coz I personally use it a lot. 
I bring it to the bathroom, hang it up and stream my fave dramas while waiting for my hair treatment to set! (Am I the only one who does this.. Am I weird?)

The STAND function is perfect for watching shows as well, and of course, taking selfies/vlogs via the front camera!

As you can see, the Yoga Tablet can stand by itself using a well-designed backing that can be easily pulled down.

Secondly, the BATTERY LIFE on this tablet is also CRAZY good... It lasts up to 18 hours on a single charge. You can even buy a special cable and use it to charge your phone while you're out. Tried and tested, no kidding. All you need is an adapter/the right cable! If you’re wondering why the battery life is stronger than some other tablet brands out there, it’s because it uses a cylindrical battery! This helps maintain the battery’s strength and performance, longer than flat ones (well, you learn something new everyday). 

So I came to know of this tablet when I collaborated with Lenovo on a campaign. The brief for this campaign was a little different and I was challenged by Joel Tan (otherwise known as GentleBones) to take part in this project! 
If you didn’t notice it from my Instagram/Facebook, I was challenged to REdiscoverREimagine and REcreate Singapore’s past, present and future, through the icons that have placed Singapore on the map. This was to coincide with Singapore’s 50th Birthday and we were provided this Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 to aid us with it.

I don't have much interests in history, to be frank, but when it comes to the history of fashion, I thought it could be a little interesting. And it was!  
I did research using my YOGA Tablet and saved a loooot of pictures to use for my final 'piece'. It didn’t even get laggy on me during the process. I guess that could have been attributed to its Quad-Core with Intel Burst Technology. I know, quite chim. But basically it helps the tablet to quickly open files and photos and switch from app to app seamlessly.   

For the final piece, I chose to do a collage using an app I got from the app store on the tablet and here is the final piece!

A little short study/summary of the history of the CheongSam. I'm proud to be a Chinese Singaporean so of course I would be most interested in the iconic CheongSam and how it's grown to be the modern day 'dress' that looks so different from how it used to look! 

I’m glad I took up the challenge as it helped me connect back with my Chinese roots and helped me appreciate my heritage a little more. 
Coincidentally, Chinese New Year is coming and it makes me a little more excited to go CNY shopping this year. Hope this makes you a little more excited too!