Purple // Fifi turns 1

February 10, 2015

So.. if you follow me on Instagram, you'd know I've gotten my hair dyed a wonderful purple that fades to ash at the bottoms! 
Decided that I'm tired of brown/blonde and ready for some adventures with coloured hair... Thank you AIR SALON (Appointments with ARK at 6733 2340) for making my Twilight Sparkles dream come true. 

Was so hungry after sitting down at the salon for hours and hours (that were totally worth it, don't get me wrong..) so D brought me to try these colourful XLB dumplings that so many people have posted pictures of before. 

I like the black truffle and foie gras flavours best. 
And truthfully, when I glanced thru the menu, I was more excited about this spiced beef lamian that looks equal parts spicy and yummy! Unfortunately I found the broth lacking. But the noodle texture and beef flavour's good. 

Collected our beloved baby from her birthday grooming session after that and bought her a meatcake as a special treat! She turns 1 today (10th Feb) and she's been such a blessing and joy to have in our lives... Do follow her on Instagram @fifigiiwawa 

It's CNY season so I've been really busy shooting and stuffing my face with pineapple tarts whenever I'm not.. Really there's not much else I have to update this space with!

Be back when I have something to post about... x