Valentine's 2015

February 14, 2015

Spent my Valentine's Day in no extravagant way - Running errands, shooting and enjoying some yummy food with the boyfriend.. I'm waiting for him to cook us dinner as I'm typing this!

Yessss I'm a pretty sorry excuse of a girl in the department of cookin'. I always screw up somehow.. The food is either too salty, too oily or the stuff in the microwave catches fire. I had policemen come up to my home before to ask if everything is fine because there was black smoke coming out of my kitchen windows from me trying to heat up a muffin. 
Everyone around me agrees I should just stay out of the kitchen... So I am. I'll just enjoy the food!

Today's outfit - 
H&M Hat / Chrome Hearts & Chanel Accessories and Bag / YRU shoes

I honestly told D not to get me flowers this time because he gets me flowers so often already and it's so much more expensive on Valentine's Day... But he did anyway. A huge bouquet of a hundred roses (he said to outdo the 99 from the last lol) arrived while I was asleep. 

Life is so much more beautiful with love in our hearts.