04 March 15

March 5, 2015

I spent the eve of my birthday getting my hair coloured purple, and having dinner with close friends.. Initial plans to karaoke after were cancelled though, because I was soooo tired and decided to head home to sleep instead....

I honestly had no clue that D had already been to my place to set up a surprise so when I got home and opened my room door I pretty much ran back out in shock coz it was filled with soooo many balloons!!!! He also got me flowers and a cute 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' sign!!! Was really happy and kept smiling every time I looked up and saw the balloons and had a dreamless, restful sleep.. ^^
Thank you my love x

Didn't spend my birthday doing much but prepped for dinner with my family at Valentino's!

OOTD // NastyGal Dress / DIOR Clutch / Vidakush Earrings / YHF Heels

I've heard pretty good reviews about Valentino's so I chose this place! It's Italian, and family-run. 

Glad to say all the dishes we ordered were pretty good! The veal and my beef with blue cheese were especially good out of all the dishes, so if you're planning on going to try, you can start with those. They also offer a lot of off the menu items, 'chef specials', so if you're adventurous and want something unique you can try something!

The aglio olio which was recommended was very tasty as well, but it was a bit dry. I think it's specially done that way but I'm personally not a fan of having it that dry!

D also arranged for them to sing me a birthday song along with the lava molten cake which was so embarrassing coz the waiters were REALLY loud!!! I'm always super shy when these things happen... 

But I was very touched by the thought and warmth of all the waiters! Service is impeccable. 

Of course, I wouldn't have all I have now without my dearest parents. 

They say you're rich when you have something money can't buy.
I'm very wealthy, then, because I have them.

Gone are the days I used to think a covetable bag worth almost twenty thousand dollars was happiness, I've tried it and that sorta happiness lasts perhaps a day or two. Knowing you have your loved ones' support and love is what truly makes one happy. 

Thank you for all your wishes whether it be online, via texts or calls. I'm truly feeling so blessed and thankful! 

Tomorrow's the party, and I've got so much to do.. Can't wait to blog about all the help I've gotten, though. That post will be up soon. I just wanted to blog about my actual birthday first and thoughts on growin' up/old. 
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