21 + 1 // Part One

March 11, 2015

I finally got my hands on the pictures from my birthday bash, so here's the post!

Please note I'll also have a full vlog on the entire party uploaded here soon.. So if you're not a fan of words you can watch the video and scroll thru this post for pictures.

Also, as a warning, there will be a whole lot of pictures with a huge smile plastered on my face like this so if you don't like seeing other people happy (like I know so many people always are) then you should most definitely skip this post or click that little 'X' to exit :

And this :

Coz I couldn't help it!! That was how happy I was the entire time, I wish I could look cooler and less smiley but oh well.. Can't help it. What's done is done...


Firstly, I wanna thank my sponsors for making this party so awesome.. I could never, in a million years, plan a party like this. There were so many tiny little details to take care of and I really sink under such pressure, so all of them are literally my life savers.

Note that all their names are clickable, and their contacts and photos will be listed on their pages itself!

The first lifesaver, of course, is the party planners themselves. 
Hilly Events is a one-stop event planner that organises both personal and corporate events. Be it birthday parties, baby showers, weddings or D&D, christmas party, new product launch. 

They took care of everything, the dessert table, the decorations, getting my floral/videographer/balloon sponsors, pulling it all together.. Basically, they were literally my life savers and this party would never have come together the way it did without them!
A big big thank you guys, you're the best I know and if you guys are looking for party planners, really.. look no further. The pictures are proof enough already, no? ^^

And the following sponsors :

CREME MAISON : Just when you thought they were great at just cakes and sweet treats, they surprised everyone at my party and I with their savoury bites that were custom ordered - you can definitely count on them for anything tasty whether it be sweet or savoury. Thank you guys for being so friggin' awesome, everything was not only beautiful but delicious too and I can't think of anyone better to do the job than you guys x

IM PERFECTION SG - These huge alphabets were a great welcome sight to my party outside the main door and you can get them to spell out whatever you want, big and beautiful.

FLORALS BY M - There were beautiful blooms everywhere you look at my party thanks to M! She has a great eye, and I love her tasteful and charming arrangements so much. She was also thoughtful enough to wrap a bouquet up for me that was a surprise and I was only given the bouquet to hold when the birthday song was being sung! So sweet.

GIVE FUN - I loveeeeee balloons! I feel like they're a great alternative to flowers if flowers get too boring.. Balloon bouquets and balloons surrounding my treehouse for the night was a special touch I believe made a whole lot of difference. Thank you guys for the beautiful balloons, I actually took some home as well!
Do remember to quote rchlwngx10 for a discount!

PIXIOO - Samuel captured all these wonderful memories for me to document them here and that is one hell of a priceless gift. Thank you for capturing all these moments for me to look back on and smile!

 50nFifty Productions - Videos are like moving photographs and capturing all the awesome moments on film were definitely priceless and something I'm so, so grateful for. They really went out of their way to make the video look great and I think this is so important in the creative line - Being willing to do so out of love for the craft. Thank you to the entire crew for all your help. I really appreciate it so much! 

Oh and the shadow shot below was Cino's idea and I luvvvit.
If you're wondering, this backdrop was printed by Hilly Events and designed by none other than my D, and you can find him here @plasmapixels x

I loved the video and can't wait to share it with you guys but while it's getting ready, I hope you enjoy the rest of this post! 

And last but not least...
Thank you for making it such a memorable night and honestly, as much as I liked the gifts and appreciated the thought, there's nothing I would have wanted more than your presence. Thank you for being there x 
All the photos are on my Facebook, so go tag yourselves if I missed you out!

The cake cutting was so ridiculously 'paiseh' for me, because there were so many people around and I was just... so... shy... ><

My number 1s

My dearest friends!


Not forgetting DRx, AIR Salon, Browtisan and Glitzyfingers for making sure I'm all primped and prepped for my party!

Thank you for making me such a happy girl ^^

I really feel so blessed, with everything in my life, everyone.. I mean, another year of laughter, love, happiness and health is EVERYTHING to be thankful for, isn't it?
People who say I don't deserve so much love are right, I don't.. It's overwhelming and I hope I love them back enough! Thank you so much :')
Call me selfish but I do wish for the presence, health and happiness of everyone I love so they can be around to celebrate with me, and I with them, every time we have a birthday.
I doubt I'll be throwing a party next year coz I think 21+2 doesn't have such a nice ring to it and honestly growing up and old so quickly is making me kinda dread birthdays already... 

So yes, that's it for my birthday post part one!

Hope you enjoyed this super duper long post, and I'll be back real soon with the video as promised ^^