22nd // A New Start

March 7, 2015

Still not over all the fun I had at my 22nd birthday bash! 

I only have these 2 squares of not-so-much for you to see, and trust me, I'm also reaaaaaally excited to share about what went down already.. But I keep telling myself that the upcoming post with well taken pictures and full details will be so worth the wait! I just wanted to drop by here while I sit down taking in the beautiful sun and wind from my comfy Tree Top Loft, about all the conversations I had with my good friends and closest family/loved ones here last night...

It's time to start afresh, and I can't wait to start 2015 for real on my own terms on this space. 
Cleared out a bunch of bad memories, only for my private eyes to see (if I should really need to... But I don't see that happening soon) - and starting anew, anew. 

To new beginnings x

And if you don't already follow me on INSTAGRAM // The full list of sponsors for my party's up! They were all truly wonderful to work with and made everything perfect.. I feel pretty guilty I didn't have to do anything at all, but that's exactly the kinda stress you can save yourself from if you have a team like them on your side. I'll be blogging about them in full detail real soon!