Last weekend of 21

March 3, 2015

So... It's already been a year since my 21st.
Am typing this while getting my hair done so I'm all ready to turn 21+1 with unicorn hair!

Can't believe it's already been a year. Time truly does pass faster when we grow up. I remember making a lot of resolutions on my last birthday (yes I do so in place of New Year resolutions) and I'm happy to say I think I've achieved at least 3/4 of the stuff I've planned for myself. Another year older, means I should be another year wiser. I would like to say I think I have understood the world, myself, the people I love and everything a lot more than I did last year. People have the choice to grow but most choose to stay the same out of fear. I've taken a few steps to remove myself from bad energy and although life seems to be a never ending battle, I believe that more than half the battle is won when you see yourself choosing to step away from what others tell you is the 'better' thing to do when deep down inside you know that it's not right. 
I'm so, so thankful everyday for all the blessings I've been given through the people who have taught me so much, the new ones I've met and plan to keep, the opportunities I've had and both the laughter and tears the past year! 

And this is how I spent the last weekend of being T W E N T Y O N E...

Checked out a new club called TRACE with friends and I gotta say the music was truly awesome especially with the accompanying laser lights everywhere! 

If you haven't been to 1 Altitude, you should. This is the beautiful city view of my Singapore! (I do think the neighbourhoods in Singapore are beautiful too. I love the charm of old hawker centres and my neighbourhood where I know many of the faces...)

I'm hardly in such fitting dresses that make me feel sooo dainty but I gave this piece a shot, anyway. I'm glad I did!

We headed to Costal Settlement for dinner as well as I was craving for the truffle fries and beef cubes. The last time we went there to eat was last year and boy, has the standard dropped. Really disappointed in the food and doubting the chances of us returning for a meal unless we don't have a choice..

I'm pretty big into playsuits/overalls/jumpers these days! 

Also spent some time with Chev and her new (BIG) baby! He's a chowchow, and it's my first time seeing this breed in real life and being able to play with him was such joy! He also brought his toy giraffe to show me and Chev told me "Look, he knows you like giraffes!" ^^
He's a hefty 14kg now, though.. so it's a little difficult for me to carry him coz I'm so damn weak. (Someone please force me to lift weights grrr)

We managed to get two pictures though!

Dogs truly are a man's (or woman's) best friend. No better feeling than coming home tired from a long day of work to a very excited and happy furball. Nothing can beat that!

Tomorrow's my actual birthday but the party isn't till Friday, and I REALLY can't wait to show you guys what my awesome sponsors have done for me. Stay tuned!