Sunshine // Cha Cha Cha

March 9, 2015

I'm still awaiting all the stuff I need to begin blogging about my birthday party so I decided to do a quick post because 1. I'm not busy today and 2. I don't want this space to be dead...

Headed out with my fav photographer @_pla5ma3oy to catch some sunlight so here's a few shots from today!

He knows my best angles and I'm very thankful he's so patient with shooting for me almost all the time (Sometimes my family or friends are behind the lens too!) because honestly, I can be such a pain when it comes to my photos. I guess it's the same with everyone : you think the person you photographed looks totally fine in the photo but the person never thinks so!! I'm sure you've experienced this! 
Well, it's been more than a year of him being my main photographer so I guess it's only normal that he knows my best angles by now ^.^


On another night, we headed out to Holland V for dinner at this Mexican restaurant because I've actually NEVER had Mexican food before in my entire life (and I thought I was pretty adventurous when it comes to food...) and he insisted that I would love it.

And boy, he was right. 
I  L O V E D  I T. 
You see, I eat tomato sauce but I don't eat tomatoes, and I always associate Mexican food with having way too much tomato in it so I've steered clear but I guess I love having it in my food now!

We ordered this beef nachos dish and opted for guacamole (virgin try as well), salsa and sour cream sauces that was really delicious. Of course, I haven't tried other Mexican food places in Singapore so it was really delicious already in my no-so-experienced opinion.

As for my main dish, I tried some kinda fish wrapped in veggie with salsa-like sauce and Mexican rice with a huge tomato that I didn't touch at all but was told had been grilled with butter. It was okay, yummy, but not as amazing to me as the nachos..

And D opted for this crazy yummy dish - Prawns, wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese, with a side of rice as well. O M G. 

So juicy and yummy!

Cha Cha Cha is at Holland Village.
Not a paid/sponsored ad. Meal was sponsored by D and cost about S$40-ish per person I think!

If you haven't tried Mexican food before, you should definitely give it a chance like I did.. No regrets.