To Better Skies

March 24, 2015

I shared a little bit of my thoughts and condolences on a posting on my Instagram but I think he deserves more than that, so here it is.
I'm not gonna act like I'm into politics coz no, I don't understand it and I never tried to as well, but I've truly been very sad upon hearing of the death of our nation's beloved Lee Kuan Yew.

If you didn't know yet, I'm from tiny but mighty Singapore and I'm very proud to be.

No, I haven't been able to witness the change in our country since I was only born in 1993... But I've seen it through photographs and my grandma's stories of how our Singapore once had nothing, no resources, but was just a little kampong. She had lived through the Japanese war as well and told me that life became better because of him... I believe a lot of her generation feel the pain of losing him the most. They lived and fought for the Singapore we have today, together with him.

I've also learnt about my country's growth through social studies back in school along with being told by my parents that we've grown so much thanks to this amazing human being Lee Kuan Yew. Of course, I understand that it is not just his work but the men who helped him as well with his vision as well. And yes, no system is perfect. The cars and houses in Singapore for my generation are crazy expensive and yada yada.. But I think we've made it pretty darn far and there is way more to be thankful for.

I feel ashamed that I haven't been aware enough of how Lee Kuan Yew really built up this place but it's been so heartwarming and interesting to hear about how he led his life. Like his love story with his wife whom I believe was most definitely his kindred spirit (I can't help being a romantic. I always believe people NEED their other halves to truly LIVE), and how he was always all about Singapore, first. "Country, country, country, country first."

Just to be sitting here in the comfort of my small but cozy home with fibre internet on my Macbook Pro and every thing else that I need, I feel so grateful for the Singapore we have today that he had the foresight to built.

Thank you for building our comfortable, clean, and beautiful city.  Thank you for extending your love and devotion for your wife and family to the rest of the nation. 
May you rest very well in peace now, Sir.