Kimchi Korean Restaurant

April 15, 2015

Went down to a new place to eat just the other day and it was such a great experience I couldn't wait to share about it, so I got down to editing the pictures ASAP for this post..!

Kimchi Korean Restaurant has been at Suntec since last year but I had NO IDEA it existed till they invited me down for a food tasting session and boy, do I regret not hearing about them earlier. 

I do like Korean food but I wouldn't say I love it as much as I love my HaiDiLao steamboat or truffle fries (which I have very often, at least once a week) but I really just cannot emphasize anymore on how good the Korean food here was, you gotta try it for yourself! 
I was in Korea twice last year and I don't think even one of meals there were as good as this one. Perhaps it's coz the chef knows what Singaporean tastebuds like, or perhaps it really is just that much better. I don't know, but both D and I agreed that we have to bring our families here to try it and come back soon!

The manager, Mr Park - who is Korean but speaks pretty good English and is super cute with the way he phrases stuff - also told us that the stones on the wall of the restaurant were genuinely from Jeju Island and cost quite a bit to transport here. But it adds a nice feel to the place so I think it's worth it!

Selfie while waiting for the food.. 

Let's start talking about what really matters here, though.. the food!
I love, love, love this dish called Jap Chae. They're like glass noodles that are sorta stir-fried and taste like heaven! If you love savoury, saucy food like I do.. then you'll definitely love this.

This this the usual Korean pancake but with sort of a twist - It is made of potato and cucumber with a salad on top plus there's a generous drizzle of plum sauce that adds a great kick to it. 

Kimchi Soup. SUPER THICK AND TASTY! No kidding, best kimchi soup I've ever tried hands down. Feel so cheated by all the watery ones I've been having so far.. 

Oh and we had a little to drink. Raspberry Cruiser Vodka with Soju and it's ice-blended!
It was a little too strong for me and I kept drinking the kimchi soup so I didn't manage to drink more than a third of this while D only had half since he had to drive us home after and it's always better to be safe when driving. I'm writing a genuine and fair review here so I gotta say this, I'd not suggest our choice of drinks unless you reeeeally like alcohol and can take the strong taste with your meals.

This premium bowl of ''Bibimbap" style rice comes with the best seafood they have to offer and D REEEEALLY loved this dish. He said it's his favourite! Since I'm not so much of a rice kinda person,  I nibbled on just the seafood that was fresh and had really good flavour to them all. I think it's great if you're just dropping by for a quick lunch!

This hotplate dish with Kalbi Beef Slices and Homemade Raspberry Wine Sauce is DABOMBDIGGITY. Ultra tasty and I'm so glad we picked this as the 'main'. Finished every slice.
If you're wondering, they do have really great meats on the menu for BBQ-ing but we were both so tired that day we decided not to opt for that and go for the steak dish instead which is basically the same, just cooked by them instead of by ourselves. (And probably it's yummier too..!)

Hotpot Korean Ginseng Soup with noodles - The broth is extremely tasty without being too herbal (which I dislike) and so I think it'd be a great meal if you want a healthy, no-BBQ option.

Happy me with all the yummy food! Nothing like a good meal, really.

They also have some Korean snacks and items for sale on your way out so you can continue your Korean snackin' even when you're home.

Wanna say a big thank you Haden who has been so understanding and Mr Park for being so welcoming and stuffing us so many types of delicious food!

Go on and experience Kimchi Korean Restaurant for yourself, if you have tastebuds like me, you're gonna love it. 

They're also offering a 15% when you quote my name till the end of May (not in conjunction with other ongoing promos) so YAY!! Don't forget to get your 15% off, ok?

*One last note : Do park at Suntec's Convention Centre carpark itself to save yourself from walking a whole lot if you're lazy like us!*

3 Temasek Boulavard #02-387, Suntec City Convention Tower, Singapore 038983