April 8, 2015

I know, I know.

I haven't blogged for sooo long coz I'm been so busy with other things like filming other than my usual shoots (some exciting stuff comin' up yey!) and of course, trying to change my lifestyle for the better in hopes it'll do my body good... This means way more sleep than ever before and so much water I can't help but grumble about the number of times I head to the toilet because I've never been a water drinker all my life.

Today I had my first ultra good meal and it was really delicious I have to blog about it for sure!
Not a sponsored post, D's the sponsor as usual.. Hehe and if you're wondering - it cost him $80 + in total.

Ok, I'll be honest and admit that I totally begged D to bring me to eat HaiDiLao and to CP for banmee and those were two really good meals as well before this one since my discharge...

Anyway, I was really super ultra excited and happy to try out this little cozy Japanese restaurant! 
We chanced upon it at Roxy Square's first floor and decided to give it a try. 
Feels really authentic Japanese when you go in. I don't know if it's just me but when I was in Japan, Tokyo, the places I tried eating at never had good lighting and was always very cozy and old school. This feels like that.

First up! 
Sashimi platter with yellowfin tuna, tuna, and salmon
Super fresh and I love it when my sashimi isn't sliced too thin. Chikuwa Tei does this thickly sliced too which leads me to believe it's authentically cut thicker.

Next up was my favourite dish of the evening. 
This little dish cost $15 by itself and it's well worth the price. 
Foie gras nuggets with asparagus in miso sauce. 
All sorts of melt in your mouth, tasty goodness.

Everything else that arrived after the first two dishes were good as well! 
I liked the Miso Soup especially coz it was salty and usually Miso Soups aren't salty enough for me Singapore like the ones I had in Japan, and of course, the Cod Fish was done very well as well and had the perfect crisp skin and tender flesh combination.

Japanese 'Satay' / Kushiyaki
We ordered Beef wrapped mushrooms, Scallops and Asparagus wrapped in Bacon.
All of them delicious.

I'm not a big tempura fan, so I didn't really like this Prawn Tempura dish that much. 
But D said it was yummy especially with the sauce and seasoning 

I really recommend this place! 

Love finding hidden gems like this so much, Singapore DOES have good food from other cuisines.. You just gotta keep your eyes open. Or just come here and check out what I've found to share with you. (Hehe)

WAHIRO Japense Restaurant
 50 East Coast Road, #01-01 Roxy Square Shopping Centre