Bio-Essence // Miracle

June 4, 2015

I've always heard pretty good reviews about Bio-essence products, in particular, about their V-face cream that has visible results you can even measure!

It's always great to work with such reliable brands and this time, it's my pleasure to introduce you guys to this Miracle Bio Water series.
I attended their little event launch some time last week to learn more about their range so I'll be talking about all of them briefly here, but it'll be mostly about my personal pick from the entire range....

... Which also happens to be the star product of the day! 
This bottle of Miracle Bio Water has gotta be one of the best products in the market and it's backed up by dermatological tests which is awesome.

I've talked about facial sprays before, and how I feel it makes my water retention problem so much easier to handle. I've been using quite a few different brands of spray and I'm glad I got the chance to try this because now I'm truly a believer after putting it to the test!

Here's a table of my results on moisture level and temperature of my face before and after using the spray. 
As you can see, the moisture level increased quite a bit from an average of 35.1% to 51.9% while the temperature of my skin dropped from an average of 32.15% to 20.5%.
Also, the oiliness of my skin dropped as you can see from the oil blotter sheets, although not dramatically. I used the blotter on the one side of my face I didn't spray and the other on the side I did spray on, so don't worry, these are real results!

We were also given a pretty unique task that I didn't expect from the event... To decorate the Bio Miracle Water spray can in our own way with some material provided!

It kinda felt like I was back in Lasalle's foundation year, but in a good way.

 Here's my final 'masterpiece'! 
I did it the quickest and my design's very simple compared to most of their other girls' but I really like it simple.

My creation is automatically entered into a competition so if you have time go on ahead to Bio-essence's Facebook page and VOTE FOR ME.

What I'm most happy about would be discovering this amazing product, and I literally have had one put everywhere - The car, my bag and of course in my room.

It's a really easy and great way to moisturize while keeping cool in sunny Singapore!

Still don't believe me?