May 19, 2015

I hardly write about my personal life and even if I do, it's usually not in detail.. So if you're not a fan of such posts, do scroll right on up or down for pictures/food/shopping recommendations.

Can't help but reminisce about how much happier I used to, and we used to be, every once in awhile.
16 year old you and 15 year old me, not a care in the world. 
Not even $50 in our pockets but we had so much fun and there wasn't a day we weren't enjoying just living, being in the moment.
How it was never a problem to meet even if we had nothing on our agenda, or how we'd get up to major mischief but consequences were never on our minds. We just wanted to have fun..

I know it's just life, all of us trying to move on after getting our certificates, earn a keep.

But I just hope you know I miss you and I miss those times, when everything was simple, and we were so happy.

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