Japan Visuals

May 4, 2015

I'm finally done preparing my visuals for this blogpost!
It is gonna be filled with lots of pictures, and very minimal/necessary information in words, so do prepare yourself for an onslaught of beautiful Japan in many, many colourful pixels ~

Also coming up within the next few days would be a video on the entire trip.. Stay tuned for it!

Hirosaki, Japan
I was here in this small town for just a day and a half but I enjoyed it more than I thought I ever would! I'm such a 'city' girl, and nature has never been one of my favourite things, save for beautiful beach resort holidays which I do love. I was told there would be cherry blossoms but I had no idea there would be THAT MANY cherry blossoms. I was truly in total awe coz it was my first time seeing sakura.
Hirosaki is known for being the number one producer of apples in Japan and lucky me got to have a taste of their very sweet apples thanks to my host. 
Other than the beautiful cherry blossoms, and traditional eateries/onsen there's nothing much else to do there, though.

Tokyo, Japan
I was off to Tokyo to be with my other half for the next few days after!
We stayed at a lovely, although tiny apartment, and enjoyed waking up to this view every morning.

Harajuku, Tokyo
Of course the first place I wanted to head to was Harajuku on the first day.. Full of life and trends, it's one of my favourite shopping streets for sure. This is where you can find street wear and their official stores, in addition to a few second hand branded shops that have really unique things you won't be able to find anywhere else! I also really like the Chrome Hearts store here coz there is a nice dude working there who's very willing to help find whatever we needed.

Shibuya, Tokyo
Home to some of the most crowded streets ever! The traffic crossings are crazy and so are the signboards everywehere, but I love the lights/energy of the place so much, I always want to go back.

Shinjuku, Tokyo
Another H U G E shopping/eating area, street after street. 
It is also reportedly the busiest train station, seeing more than 3 million passengers pass through each day.

Narita Airport, Tokyo 
Some #airportfashion shots - #LOL 
I gotta say I find Haneda more convenient, but it's only my second time to Japan so I can't be super sure. 

Ending this post off with my last meal in Tokyo with the leftover coins we had from spending everything we brought! A tiny little beef bowl that is nowhere near as good as Yoshinoya's but better than any beef bowl here, anyway.

I do wish we had more time to explore a little more, and I did want to check out Ginza again, but the days passed too quickly and my legs aren't as strong as they used to be... I get tired so easily! 

Anyway, saying goodbye is always hard... I honestly can't wait to be back again.

Till next time, Japan.

See you in my next post which will be the vlog of the entire trip!