May 28, 2015

Before you think this is yet another typical advertorial, I'd like to share that this post for KIN is NOT PAID, and purely sponsored... Sort of a favour to a friend who gave me the chance to simply try out KIN's treatments and products and provide honest feedback.

I don't have good hair texture, whether it be before or after dyeing/bleaching my hair. Making it worse with all the colouring jobs probably shouldn't be something I keep doing but I'd have to admit that I can't get enough of changing my hair colour whenever I'm bored!
So, no, I know my hair is not of admirable condition, but I take very good care of it and have tried almost every product in the market already and thus, I feel I can make a fair judgement on products like this.

I get hair treatments done almost monthly at AIR Salon, so I'd like to talk just a little about KIN's in-salon treatment that I tried, and more about the take home treatments that I love!

As KIN, a Spanish brand, has only been newly launched in Singapore, they don't have a standalone salon just yet. All hair treatments are available at selected salons island-wide, and you can pick wherever's most convenient for you HERE.

I've tried their KINESSENCES super exclusive deep nourishing treatment and it really is one of the best hair treatments I've tried. Its effects lasts up a week if you wash your hair once a day like I do, and this is considered pretty long as many hair treatments I've paid for in the past only lasts about three washes at most. You can view before and after results on their FB page, linked at the end of this post. 

On to the take home treatments I've mentioned...

Follow-up, at-home care is SO important in keeping your hair soft and manageable.
I don't know about you but I don't think anyone has the time to drop by the salon every week for treatment. Even when all my hair treatments are sponsored whether it be with KIN, or at AIR, I don't drop by weekly even when they tell me to come by so often!
What really helps in keeping hair not looking like a dry mess is daily care. 

So, yes, I've tried quite a few products from KIN and these are my three favourite take home products  that I alternate with all the other products I've been blessed with from my lovely sponsors :

First off would be this KINACTIF NUTRI Extract Thermo Repair Treatment that I apply before using my hot hair curler or hairdryer in the morning and night. It protects the hair before heat is applied and hence prevents further damage leaving my hair so much easier to style!
No sticky residue is left behind and all of KIN's products also smell really good which is a huge plus because I'm such a fan of any kind of perfumed products... (Smelling good is so important to me!)

Second on the list, from the same range, is the KINACTIF NUTRI Mask, an intensive repairing treatment for dry and sensitised hair... (Read : Hair like mine!) 
This can be used once a day, in place of conditioner, and I personally leave it on for a minimum of five minutes. 
It leaves my hair feeling ultra soft and here's a tip : Rinse off with cold water. It seals it in even better.

Last on the list but first on my personal list is this tiny bottle of KINESSENCES Oil. 
Tiny but mighty!
It has a mix of oils good for your hair and has the nicest fragrance of all the products. Because this is super concentrated, I apply just a little bit at a time on the ends of my hair once a day after styling and I've realised this really reduces damaged/split ends. 

All of KIN's products are paraben, silicone free which is very uncommon in the market these days. 
Most hair products available at drugstores/supermarts have silicone in them as it sort of 'fakes' a smoothening effect that of course, isn't good for you!

For more information or to purchase any of the products listed, do visit their official site
HERE and FB page with constant updates HERE.

Don't forget to quote 'rchlwngx' for a 10% off!


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