Thai Pavillion : Mookata

May 15, 2015

Currently down with a damn flu bug (BEST TIMING EVER, RIGHT?!) so I've been home and unable to do much except head out for dinner and reply emails/edit pictures.

Well, the silver lining is that I managed to get these few pictures done quicker so I can be here sooner with a blogpost about Thai Pavillion, which, if you remember.. I blogged about awhile back. 

They unfortunately closed down for quite awhile due to some unforeseen circumstances but early this week our friend told us they were open again and invited us for a tasting! But much to my surprise this time, they were mainly serving mookata. 
Mookata is a traditional Thai BBQ and I think there are a lot of Singaporeans who love it just like I do. This one at Thai Pavillion serves charcoal BBQ so y'know the taste would usually be more aromatic.

I was most excited to try the wagyu beef (below) which is sliced sooo thinly and has so much beautiful fat marbled in!

And yay to seeing them serve liver (in the bowl) as well as a fair variety of other fresh seafood.

Really glad I now know of another mookata haunt nearer to the East side where I live so if I ever have cravings for this, I can get to it so much faster!

Open 3.00pm - 12am. Monday-Sunday.

283 Changi Road.