Les Amis : Papa Wong's Birthday Lunch

June 11, 2015

Finally got to try the highly raved Les Amis because Papa Wong wanted to have lunch there for his birthday!

Les Amis is known to be one of the best French fine dining restaurants within the region, and so here is my review on the place. We opted for the $80 per person choice of menu, where you get to pick your three courses and dessert from a pretty wide variety. 

Starting off with freshly baked bread like most restaurants do... 
It's always only so much better when it's baked in-house and pipin' hot like this one though!
They were all very yummy but my favourite has gotta be the tomato and basil one.

Appetizers ; Lobster Bisque and the scallops have got to be my top picks.

More appetizers... The FoiƩ Gras with eel was so super rich and delicious, and the mushroom soup wasn't too bad either.

I think the best main course was my dad's choice, the wagyu beef with mashed potatoes. Really, really yummy. I thought the pasta wasn't tasty enough, and both types of fishes that my mom and I ordered smelled and tasted too 'fishy' for our liking.
My sister said her pork loin was really good, too!

And as for desserts, all of them were good! But my favourite would definitely have been my mom's choice, the hazelnut tart. I believe most people with a sweet tooth like my mom and I would love it too.

Hoping Papa Wong enjoyed himself! 
We're always eating at the same usual restaurants so it's nice to have a change in palate. 

The service was overwhelmingly detailed, and we felt so much at home.
And of course we very much enjoyed meeting the chef as well!

The food here tastes very rich and it could be a little overwhelming for people like me who aren't too used to it.. So yes, I would definitely go back again to try other dishes, but not too soon!
Asian/spicy food will always, always be my favourite.. I'm kinda boring like that.

To my number one hero forever and always, although you may never see this...
May you always be blessed with good health and happiness! 
I don't have to wish you love because you're always and already very much loved by all of us. 

Special thanks to Chev for arranging and reserving today's lunch for us!
If you're wondering, this post is NOT sponsored and the bill was $655 for six of us.

Les Amis
1 Scotts Road, #02-16 Shaw Centre, 228208


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