Teochew Traditional Steamboat

June 19, 2015

Looking for some food haunts this weekend?
Happy to say I've got something to introduce you guys to!

I'm a huge lover of steamboat/hotpot and Melvin even asked me if I must have hotpot at least once a week... I love HaiDiLao, Beauty in a Pot and the occasional Jpot (for a Singaporean taste) and these are usual favourites everyone already knows about. 

Hopefully you guys have another steamboat place to always visit now, and theirs is a unique Teochew Traditional Steamboat with yummy and nutritious shark cartilage soup with super fresh ingredients!

Below is super fresh meat that you're supposed to spoon out and cook in the soup... many places have this same dish but many places don't offer 100% prawn and 100% squid like they do here. 

And if you're thinking these are noodles in the picture, you're half right.. these are fish noodles made from 100% fish! So springy and fresh, you'll definitely wanna order one of these when you're there.

The owner kindly sent loads of other cooked dishes to the table as well and all of them were tasty as well!

I LOVED the 'taupok' pictured below and Chev and Daryl loved the century egg in pork as well.

Thanks for a very delicious meal and I'll definitely be back soon with my parents coz I know how much they'll love the fresh food here!

269-271, Outram Road, 169062


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