The Deep x Saboten

June 24, 2015

Went to check out The Deep exhibition at MBS - 

I really don't understand why humans have been spending so much to go check out the moon and everything when there's SO much to discover deep down in the sea. I really respect and admire all the people who have been doing research and providing information to the public about all the beautiful and strange creatures we don't get to see often. 

So many of them produce their own light, or harvest bacteria to produce light, because it's so deep down under.. and they even live in 400 degree temperatures with no problem! 
Because it's so dark and many of them don't have eyes, they all develop other cool features to help them survive.. some of them very surprising and mysterious.

It was so interesting to learn about them and even see real life specimens at the exhibition, something we can't experience everyday. (Although I wish they could preserve them and we could look at them in all their glory, but it's not possible as they'd freeze in our weather) 

Not a paid post AT ALL, I'm just a nerd with an interest in stuff like this (And many other things like human evolution as well as Egyptian mysteries) - Each ticket is only $12 for Singapore Citizens and I think it's really worth a visit! If you have kids, bring them and let them learn about how much there is to learn deep down under!

I really hope that we all can make an effort to prevent any further damage done to our deep seas because there is still so much to learn and many of the species left are endangered by deep sea fishing which kills many of these precious creatures.
I found a petition online against it and it would be great if you could sign it HERE!

Once again, I wanna reiterate that I'm not asked to blog about any of these, this is a actually just a personal post. There are so many causes to fight for these days, but this is one of the lesser known things but nonetheless very important, so I hope I could raise some awareness with my humble blog.


Headed to Saboten at 313 for dinner after, it was my first time and I'll definitely be back!
Left with a happy belly and a smile on my face.

Of course the company is important :
I'm always so thankful for this boy and left missing him whenever we're too busy to meet.
 Never once has he left me feeling like I was alone, and the ways in which we are similar are just... crazy. So much of my life's posted online so I try to keep really special things and very special people to myself, but I can't help the occasional gush... I'm really thankful.

They were so surprised I haven't tried Saboten yet so they insisted we order one twin set and another special set so we'd all have one set....





The salad here is AMAZING, I could have bowls and bowls of it with their sesame dressing. 

Twin set with pork, prawns and potato tonkatsu. 
All of them were fried perfectly, crispy on the outside and moist enough on the inside, not too salty but tasty. I especially liked the one with pork, cheese and asparagus!

Cheesy set with some pork and a prawn as well.

I didn't really like the cheese one coz I found it a bit overwhelming but the boys liked it and I can't believe it but just the three of us managed to finish EVERYTHING! 

The rice, chawanmushi and miso soup are all cooked the way they should be and nothing about the meal was disappointing, except perhaps the place could be cleaned up a bit better.

I've been so busy, packed with tons of things to do for weeks and weeks now... I've been wishing I had time to take a holiday but no way that can happen for now, so all I wanted was more time to just have a day off at the museum and a good slow dinner, so I'm very grateful I got to do just that. God is truly good, all the time.

Till next time!


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