Denim Daze x Arbite

July 13, 2015

Been wearing an exceptional amount of denim recently.. Never realised how many pieces I owned and have been wearing so often till a friend asked me what's up with the all the denim as of late! 

I guess the best thing about denim, is literally, how ultra classic it can be. Throughout the years, throughout the seasons.. It's just a matter of the different styles on trend.

Got yet another awesome denim piece that I wore as an jacket from Fashion Bloggerrr and I love the patchwork as much as the quality!
Also wearing : NastyGal Sunnies, Thrifted Bandana, River Island Denim Shorts.


You guys know I'm always on the hunt for good eats and I'm always excited to share whenever I find something yummy! I'm no food blogger, just a foodie, so please don't fault me for not using the right words.. Hehe.

Arbite is a little cafe/restaurant at Serangoon and I found it on google with some decent reviews so I decided to check it out. 
Been there twice now, within a month, coz I wanted to wait and visit a second time to make sure the standard was constant before sharing about it here.

Glad to say the standard was great throughout both times and so here's some recommendations :

I love the truffle fries/normal fries here coz they're thick but still very crispy on the outside and potato-ey (lol) on the inside.

The pancakes with banana and ice cream is the perfect breakfast for sweet toothed people like me, and the tea here is soooo delicious as well! 
I like my tea fruity so I love the choices they offer.

Tried the salted egg crab pasta (and fries as well) and I'd say these dishes are items that only true salted egg lovers would like, coz I'm not one, it tasted very 'jelat' after just a while...

The burger was so good! Not as good as Omakase which I really like, but satisfying enough if I'm craving for a burger.

This post for Arbite is in no way sponsored, and very much my honest opinion!
My only complaint would be that the air conditioner is toooooo cold in there, so instead of freezing my butt off like the first time I visited, I wore like three layers the second time I went.

The prices here are also very reasonable, and the ambience is simple and nice. 


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