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July 9, 2015

I love shoes, I love bags, I love clothes, I love jewelry.
But what do I love most out of them all....?

I've always believed in investing in timeless classics, from luxury brands, not just because of the brand.. but because their designs and quality can literally last you years and years and years.
That's why I'm willing to spend as much as I do on luxury bags from brands like Chanel or Hermès.

However, coupled along with environmental factors, my daily use, and my long fingernails, my luxury leather bags do tend to get worn out very quickly no matter how great the quality is.

I've also heard of a study that showed that ladies' handbags actually have as many germs as a TOILET, which is actually not a surprising fact to me, to be honest, coz I know our phones are also coated with tons of germs and bacteria.. Which is why I clean my phone everyday with antibacterial wipes. 

The big difference?
We can't use just any types of antibacterial wipes/chemicals to clean our leather bags coz leather is not waterproof. 

My bags are some of my most precious possessions and usually I wouldn't leave them anywhere or with anyone else other than my friends/family...
So when Dr. Bags got in touch with me for this post, I was honestly a little hesitant, but I really wanted to give it a try seeing my bags in such a bad state. 

Anyway, boy, I'm glad I did... Just look at this bag below, doesn't this Chanel Boy look completely new?

Fact is, it's actually two years old and it didn't look like this before I sent it to Dr. Bags at all.

Let's begin with some before and after pictures!
Note that the pictures are not doctored so the colour in the before snaps and after snaps may differ quite a bit, since they were taken in different lighting.

The sides of the bag were all worn off, looking a little bit more green than black. Even looking at it makes me a little embarrassed. Don't even know how it happened!

Look at it now!
They filled out the dents and made sure the colour was coated properly.
Shiny, buttery soft and evenly coloured black. 

Inside of the bag was scratched, colour was uneven, and it just looked... used, and sad.

Gorgeous black, and buttery soft as well. Inside out.

The worst of it all was the front of the bag coz that's what people usually look at first...
Similar to the back of the bag, the sides were wearing off and looking more green than black.

It's like nothing happened to this bag, ever, Brand new condition. 
So perfect! 

I'm really happy with how my Chanel Boy looks now and I can't wait to send all my other bags for cleaning up as well! 

Dr. Bags coated it with a protective UV waterproof coating as well which will last up to 6 months : 

This coating is like 'sunblock' and waterproof protection for your leather bags, and they highly recommend it for any leather product whether it be your bags or shoes or even your wallet when its brand new so as to prevent any damage at all on your items from the very start!

This was literally my face when I got to see my nano Saint Laurent Sac De Jour in fluo pink after they cleaned it up for me. So, so happy!

Unfortunately, the problem with the fluo colour is that it's hard to capture the improvement in colour so I can't show you guys that. But if you see it in real life, it literally looks so much more neon and bright.

My mom went along with me to collect my bags and she was also very intrigued by their quality services and patient explanations on exactly how and what they did to my bags.. Something I personally think is so important.

You see, I accompanied a friend once to another bag cleaning shop and all the shop assistant asked him to do was to leave the bag there, pay $50 for the service, and wait for a call from them on when it'll be ready for collection.
ZERO explanation.

I would never feel at ease leaving my Birkin that costs more than $16,000 with a shop like that!

The people at Dr. Bags are very patient in explaining to their best ability exactly what they'll do to your bag and mine were done in less than a week, so my heart felt very much at ease, leaving them there.

On top of cleaning and protecting your bag, Dr. Bags also does colouring services.

This is GREAT for light coloured bags that are too damaged or dirty to clean.. you could colour it to a blue and then when you're bored of the blue, colour it black! That's like having three bags instead of just one. Heh. 

Look at their wide array of available colours!

Dr. Bags' Korean cleaning and colouring services are done by ultra experts so you never have to worry about a shoddy job.

Thank you Dr. Bags for giving my bags a new lease of life.

Do bring down your prized leather possessions for a very reasonable price quote, and let the experts see if they can save it!

Dr.Bags is currently having their SUMMER PROMOTION :
- Send in 3 bags for cleaning and get 50% Off HP Coating
- Special package price of Cleaning + Coating @$199 (U.P. $250)
- $50 off your total bill when you send in 2 bags for colouring. 
(Valid till 31st July 2015. T&Cs apply. For more details, check out their website, linked below) 

And just for my dear readers, do quote RACH15OFF for an exclusive 15% off cleaning services!
(Valid till 31st July 2015)

Dr. Bags is available at :
United Square #B1-36A Tel: 6254 2528
Katong V #02-05 Tel: 6440 7703
MyVillage #B1-16  Tel: 6509 1105
100AM #03-05 (Opening Soon in mid July) 6702 0079

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