Go Go Blonde

July 26, 2015

I've waited TWO LONG YEARS FOR THIS, and here I am.

You see, I was blonde/blonde-ish for almost a year just two years ago and honestly, I always felt most like myself when I was blonde. When I say 'myself' I don't mean of a different race lol - I'm extremely proud of being asian, actually. 
I simply mean I just feel more like myself, more alive.

But back then the constant bleaching and lack of care then led to my hair becoming way too weak to continue being blonde, so of course my usual hairstylist at AIR Salon, Arklin, advised against it and told me I would have to wait till my hair grows and is healthy enough to do such colours again.

I've tried to seek solace in different colours as you'd be able to see for yourself if you've been following my blog : Grey, Ash Brown, Purple.. ANYTHING BUT BLACK.

So happy to be able to say now, in 2015, that I'm blonder than ever before, and my hair is still relatively long! 
(Bleaching causes hair breakage FOR SURE, and if your hair is thin, it'll end up breaking a lot so your hair will become a lot shorter than it actually is)

Big thank you to my hair sponsor, AIR Salon, and Vincent who did the colour, cut and treatment for me this time round. I was really worried that it'd come out too yellow, coz I wanted a greyish tint to the blonde. He made sure this didn't happen and also bleached my hair not over a span of two days so that my hair can rest for a night and it wouldn't be damaged as badly. 

Been getting texts and even a call from friends/family saying 'you're back!' and 'please keep the blonde now' - Lol, it really makes me laugh coz I'd ask 'So you mean I haven't been around the past 2 years just coz my hair isn't blonde?!?!' and they'd say something along the lines of : 'It hasn't been completely you.'

If you're looking to try something new, whether it be blonde, grey, ash, or even purple.. I'd say, look no further than AIR.
If you don't think you can pull off such colours, the truth is you'd never know till you try. So why not try something fun while you can?


AIR Salon
2 Handy Road, #03-17/18 The Cathay
6733 2340 


Also, a shout out to Christopher Wanton for my entire outfit save for the shoes by Nike and necklace + bag by Chanel.

Hope you guys has a great weekend and I'll be back soon this comin' week!


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