July 16, 2015

There's literally nothing worse than waiting for a taxi in Singapore's hot and humid weather... Honestly, waiting for a taxi for anything more than 10-15 minutes makes me a V E R Y grumpy Rachel.

I still don't have my license and I've been told I shouldn't drive till I'm older.. So I rely a lot on taxis and my friends or family to drive me around whenever I need to go anywhere. 

I'm curious about whether most of you have heard about GrabCar by now, but if you haven't, I'm glad I'm the one introducing it to all of you because I have a very special discount for all you first time users!

GrabCar is a new service offering on the GrabTaxi mobile app!
I've always used the app for taxis but it was my first time using the GrabCar function this time -
GrabCar is basically an on demand chauffeured service that offers you all the perks of car ownership but without the stress and hassle. 

The app is very easy to use :
Simply input your pick up location and destination, select either 'GrabCar Economy' or 'GrabCar Premium' depending on the occasion and you're good to go.
They even have GrabCars with 6 or 13 seaters for days you have your entire crew with you!
You can also see how many drivers are nearby and how much the ride will cost you exactly, the price is fixed!

You can even input notes, like I always do for any delivery or pick up : I'll ask them to call me upon arrival so I can wait in comfort!
(Keep your eye out for my special -$15 quote..... Saw it?)

My lovely driver was very kind, mapping out the route after asking me if I had any preferred route (which I said no to) and even asked if the air conditioner temperature was okay!

Enjoyed my ride in comfort and got there real quick!

GrabCar is super convenient, safe, quick and reliable. Best of all, it's on-demand! Like having your personal driver, at a good price. 

From July 12th to August 10, all first time users of the GrabCar feature on the GrabTaxi mobile app will enjoy $15 off their GrabCar ride, simply use the promo code :


Enjoy your GrabCar ride or find out more HERE!


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