Teochew Traditional Steamboat 2 : Fish Porridge

August 15, 2015

Did a post on the exact same place some time ago HERE, but headed back again some time earlier this week for a second round coz 1. I LOVE HOT POT 2. I love the special ingredients and soup base here!

This time, one of the bosses had the time to eat with me, so I managed to learn even more about the food here and they are having some very special promotions, so do stay tuned to the end of the post to check that out.

I think when you have hotpot, not only are the soup base and ingredients important, the dipping sauces provided are just as essential in creating the best hot pot experience. 
Here, they have their own homemade chilli sauces including the Thai one at the bottom right if you prefer that taste - I dipped mine in both type of chilli sauces coz they're both so yummy together..!

They were kind enough to send our way loads of expensive air-flown meats and things like abalone, but I gotta say my favourites of the picture below is the squid meat (that you have to scoop into balls into the soup) and.. THE CORN. 
I'm no exaggerating when I say the corn here is the SWEETEST I've ever had. I love eating corn and I order it at all the hotpot restaurants I visit so yes, I think I'm qualified enough as corn taster to say this is the sweetest I've tried. 

The soup base?
Made from 老母鸡 and shark bone. Lots of collagen, good for your skin!

Told the boss that I really liked the black tofu from the last time and he got them to bring out one whole plate. Bliss. 
If you're wondering, it's actually CHARCOAL-cooked tofu and it is sweet, and slightly chewy. Really delicious.

100% fresh sea prawns, for all you prawn lovers like me.

Some black fungus (good for detoxing), oysters and dumplings with skin made of fish meat. 

They also sent us a bowl of fish porridge to try, which you can actually order as your soup base.
(Which means it's the same size as the usual hot pot)
It's not the HK style of porridge, but more of a soup with rice inside kind of porridge.

I'm not a big fan of porridge coz I was always given porridge as a kid to eat whenever I was unwell.. So I always ended up associating porridge with being sick. 

This bowl of porridge was amazing, it was super tasty and the fish slices were thick and had zero fishy taste. And I think it's literally one of the best things to have after a night of drinking, for supper, before bed.

I told this to the boss and he said YES, that's what they thought too! So they're having a special deal on this at the Outram outlet : Only $6 for a bowl, any time after 11pm.
And also as a lunch special at their Sembawang outlet.
(Usually $30 for a hot pot sized portion fit for 2-3 people)

They are also generously offering an exclusive 20% off the bill to all of you reading this :
Simply flash this page (or a screenshot of it) and you can enjoy the discount!

Valid for a month from today, till 15th September 2015.

Thank you for having me and I can't wait to be back again..!

269-271, Outram Road, 169062

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