Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa Phuket : Part One

September 27, 2015

Finally here with Part One of my Phuket trip at the amazing Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa!

This post will be talking a bit more about my stay here, and the next post will cover more of that plus the other exciting things to do in Phuket outside of the resort. Also, a full vlog on the trip... 
Although honestly, if you're looking for a 'honeymoon' kinda place to stay, you can just stay in one of their pool suites for the entire trip coz they have everything within the resort anyway.

It was a really exciting trip for me not coz I haven't been to Phuket before, but coz I've been wanting to take a break for SO long but the never ending campaigns comin' in made it really hard to leave. Finally set a date and got on a short 1.5 hour plane ride over!

Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa is the newer resort of the two under Avista, and it's situated on top of a hill, so it's pretty far from the airport, maybe an hour and a half away. Because of its location, it's VERY private and quiet.. Away from all the hustle and bustle in Phuket's town.

I stayed in one of the pool suites - Very, very private and cozy and super spacious at the same time.
They also have round the clock butler services, 24-hour security, and you can have a buggy for wherever you wanna go within the resort. (Coz it's a little too big to walk everywhere!)

I guess it depends on what you want and prefer, but personally, I definitely like staying somewhere more private and only head out to the noisy parts of town when I do feel like it. The view is amazing, anyway, and because I live in a city, it's something very refreshing.

Gotta shout out to the awesome Browtisan for giving me a new set of beautiful lashes for the trip!

Their spa is also award-winning, and I can testify for that after trying out a deep tissue massage!

They also have a library, children's playroom, a game room, a gym, and virtual golf. Something for everybody.

Not only did I get to have a dip in my private pool anytime, any day, but there were three other beautiful pools within the resort to pick from!

If you're not in the mood for a buffet breakfast, just go ahead and order a breakfast delivery straight to your suite! 

What I also loved about the trip was the seasonal fresh fruits that are just... way sweeter than anything I've ever bought here!

Sunsets from the lobby were also something I wanted to catch all the evenings I was there. Gorgeous.

Enjoying pool day, everyday, is something I really miss now!

Can't wait for my next getaway next month already!

Meanwhile, if you're already packing your bags ready for paradise, HERE's the link to Avista's site. Best rates guaranteed.

And stay tuned for the next post, I can't wait to show you guys the vlog I've been working on : Bear with me, I'm no professional at editing videos and this is one hell of a long one.


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