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September 7, 2015

So.. I finally got my eyebrow embroidery done at Browtisan with Coco about a month back and I'm here to blog about it!

Here is a before and after : (I also have lash extensions done by them)

On the left is my natural, super sparse brows - Yes there is no embroidery left from the past three or four times I got it done coz Coco has been doing laser removal for me since last year.

I've waited a long time for all the colour to finally drop so Coco can work her magic on clean skin and I gotta say the pain and the time taken to get it done was definitely very worth it! 

If you're wondering how it works...
The entire process took maybe about an hour? 
Coco would first apply some numbing cream before doing anything and after it's been left for some time to work, she would design my brows and get to the embroidery right after! 
All blades are brand new for obvious hygienic purposes, so don't even worry about it.

It didn't hurt at all for me, and at most I'd rate the pain a 2/10 for when the numbing cream wears off a little bit.

Now I still go out with slightly drawn brows coz there a one or two holes in my embroidery, which is completely normal and will be touched up real soon within the next month!

I'll be back with a final post when it's all done so look out for it!

@Browtisan is located at
#03-15/17, 402 Orchard Rd, Delfi Orchard, 238876


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