Avista Hideway Resort & Spa Phuket : Part Two

October 4, 2015

It's my final post on my trip to Phuket with Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa and I'm really excited for you guys to check out the remaining visuals and of course my vlog! 

These are random visuals from my time within the resort and also at Coral Island :

Blue skies turned to pink right before nightfall, and it's a view I doubt I'll ever forget...

Dinner at Sizzle Restaurant after the sunset was also extremely enjoyable... Sizzle is ranked the #1 restaurant within Patong and it truly lived up to its name! 
Don't forget to order potato gratin, the spinach side dish, and their special herb crusted steak.

Chef Tim fed us real well, and the staff were very attentive : Something I wish more Singapore restaurants would have, like HaiDiLao.

Enjoyed dinner very much before heading back to the room for a bubble bath like I had on the first night of arrival!

Missing my time in Phuket so much already!

Finally... My vlog on the trip! We brought a special camera this time, one that's able to go underwater so we could video my helmet diving experience and pool adventures :

If you're wondering, I did helmet diving (or they call it 'Sea Walking') at Coral Island which is a short boat ride away from the jetty, and it cost 2000 baht per person, which is about 80SGD.
They also have scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing... All of which were too scary for me.

I still wanted to try something so I tried what I felt was the most 'safe'. These helmets ensure you are dry from the neck up and can walk around on the sea bed 5 metres down from the surface. Felt pretty proud of myself! I grew as a person for sure ><

A really big thank you once again to Avista and all the staff for your warm hospitality and all the memories.. Of course, Wan for arranging everything, you are amazing! 

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Hope you guys enjoyed this post x

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