October 1, 2015

What makes a skincare brand stand out to me, is the never ending yearn to improve their products no matter how good their products already are!

That's why hearing about Bio-essence's Bird’s Nest + Peptides series is so exciting : It is a newly upgraded Pre-aging and Whitening series from Bio-essence. 

With Bio-Whitening Peptides, this new skin care range provides intense nourishment for your skin.

And yes, you read right. There is bird's nest extract in the products along with Bio-Whitening Peptides and Collagen Capsules.

Peptides are molecular links of amino acids that prompts your skin for self-renewal and repair. In particular, Bio-Whitening Peptides is made up of a chain of 9 amino acids.

Applying Bio-Whitening Peptides directly to your skin actually signals your skin into thinking that it has enough melanin and thus stops further production of pigmentation.
It is an effective skin brightener that reverses the appearance of dull, lifeless skin to deliver fairer and brighter skin.

Plumping Capsule Essence effectively helps moisturize skin to quickly reduce any fine lines caused by dryness, and I gotta say it really does feel very cooling and hydrating on the skin after trying this product for the past week! It also smells amazing... which is always a plus.

The collagen capsules you see inside also help with the plumping of fine lines.

Essence-in-cream contains Collagen Capsule Essences that break upon application to release concentrated essence which help to firm & moisturize skin, and is further enriched with nourishing Bird’s Nest Extract to effectively firm and nourish the skin.

Just like the Plumping Capsule Essence above, it is added with Bio-Whitening Peptides, an effective skin brightener, to correct the appearance of dull skin, improving skin fairness and brightness.

Essence-in-cream combines the richness of a cream and treatment of capsule essence. The texture is pretty rich, hence slightly heavier so I prefer using it before bed time instead of in the day when I’m out and perspiring.

Whatever works for me might not work for you so give it a try in the morning for a rich moisturizing experience to start your day! 

Retail Price $36.90
Launch Special $31.35 (15% off)


I really liked the addition of these two products into my skincare regime, but I personally prefer the Plumping Capsule Essence coz of the lighter texture!

Plumping Capsule Essence
Retail Price $39.90
Launch Special $33.90 (15% off)

Available at Watsons, Guardian and NTUC.

Watsons Promo until 7 Oct 2015. Purchase a Bird’s Nest + Peptides Perfect Cleanser with a Plumping Capsule Essence OR Essence-in-cream and receive a free Yu Xiang Yan Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest 150ml worth $18. (Pictured at start of post! While stocks last at selected Watsons outlets)


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