(Guide to) Sydney in November

December 12, 2015

This very long post I promised awhile ago is finally ready, here and now...
Here's a fair warning, it's REALLY long and full of visuals!

It's been about 7 years since we took a trip there and coz my aunt moved there a really long time ago with her family, we always have somewhere to stay and our very own 'tour guide' ^.^

I'll just go ahead now and let the pictures do the talking!
Also, I'm going to slot in some of the names of places I feel are worth a visit so keep an eye out for it :

Bondi is always worth a visit, being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are always a whole lot of people though, so don't expect it to be anything close to quiet!

The Grounds at Alexandria has their own little farm (don't forget to say hi to Kevin Bacon the pig) and everything on the menu is very fresh and pretty healthy! 

I also finally got to meet my little niece, Ness's 6 month old angel! Emelie is a real cutie, even with a snapchat poop sittin' on her head....

She also has the most adorable habit of touching my face and I melt every time!

Sydney Flower Market isn't a touristy place coz it's where the locals get their flowers for cheap, and you gotta be up at 6am in order to get the best blooms, but boy are they worth the morning call.

My cousin and her husband also opened Mr. Nam, where I had the BEST Vietnamese Pho in my life! Wagyu beef cooked perfectly with crunchy veggies and smooth noodles made in store.. Good stuff. I hope they bring it here!

This pair from Tods were my comfortable travel slip-on choice!

Chat Thai at Westfield has surprisingly delicious Thai food. Honestly, I always feel like it's hard to get good Asian food outside of Asia, but this place proved me wrong.

We also went meat shopping at this place that stocks the freshest, biggest variety of meats. It's super cold inside so they provide jackets at the door...

I'm always happy finding some beautiful marbled wagyu...


We then took a 2 night trip to Hunter Valley, which is a 2 hour drive away from Sydney, and is Australia's biggest wine-making vineyard farm.

Took a nice helicopter tour of the area and it was one of the best experiences I've had coz the view is amazing!

Brunches in Australia always have plates overflowing....

And I really liked staying at Vintage Drive!

If you were wondering, we rented a car to take the drive over and around for the time that we were there. In Sydney, we had rides from my Aunt and Cousin!


Also visited Taronga Zoo in Sydney because I was told the giraffes there had an amazing view.. And if you've been reading my blog/following my IG for long enough, you'd know I LOVE GIRAFFES.

I spent about 30 minutes just staring at these beautiful creatures...

The Free Flight show at Taronga Zoo is a must watch!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


I won't be blogging about my last trip to BKK coz honestly there wasn't enough time to do a lot of things and I hardly took any pictures while I was there (we just kept shopping and eating...) so I'll be leaving you with this post for a while, although I promise it won't be the last post for the year.

Thank you for reading as always!

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