23rd Part One : Vineyard at HortPark

March 7, 2016

So... I'm back from my birthday weekend, and I have SO much to share with you guys!

It's been quite a different birthday celebration this year compared to the past two years where I threw big parties,  but before I start, I just want to say a quick thank you for all the birthday wishes, and I'm particularly thankful for all the wishes that were personally sent to me.. Thank you for taking the time to send some love. I appreciate it x

I'll be starting off with a post on dinner with my family on the actual day (4th, on a Friday) :
Vineyard at Hort Park were so super kind to host my family and I with a special menu for dinner!

And I even managed to catch this beautiful sky line... it lasted maybe 2 minutes, and it was amazing, it didn't look like this till I got off the car and walked towards the restaurant. I kinda got the chills...

And on the menu :

We shared the starters, and honestly, I was pretty full by the end of those. But I soldiered on coz I was so excited to try everything!

I highly recommend this meatball dish (that wasn't in the menu) coz it's soooo good. The staff later told me that this is one of their most popular dishes, I told them I could see why!

Both mains were very delicious, but I'd have to say the pork belly was more dope (though I didn't order it), I tried a bit of my sister's and..

My mom and brother-in-law told me their Bailey Souffle was baked to perfection and not too sweet, so they were really happy with it!

They also prepared my choice of dessert (Lemon Lava cake) specially, and sang me a birthday song.
I friggin love this dessert, it's AMAZING. I was so full but I managed to finish it purely coz it was too yummy to not finish.

So much to be thankful for x

A big thank you to Vineyard for having us!

I loved the ambience, the food was of great quality and taste.
Although I have to say the service was a little slow, it was worth the wait, and I'll definitely be back.

Also, Vineyard will be having a special Easter Family Brunch on 27th March, Sunday called “Egg-venture in the Park” so if you're looking for a place to spend time with family on Easter Day, you know where to go!

Hort Park 33 
Hyderabad Road
 #02-02 Hort Park 
Singapore 119578 
Tel: 6479 7977


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