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June 10, 2016

It's been awhile since I've shared my thoughts here, and about my life. I do feel bad, I'm sorry I've been away!

A friend just told me yesterday that she missed hearing my voice online.. The way I used to share about the things I felt and was going through so openly right here on this space when I was younger. Sometimes I miss it too, although most of the time, I'm still afraid to share too much.

I've been good. Although I've been running away way from reality too much...
I've been feeling alive, again and that is exactly what I need right now, so I am content, and I am thankful.

This year has been full of fun, opportunities, and changes that I've been happy to receive. God is good to me, I am truly grateful everyday. 
My upcoming trip to Croatia's something that's been planned for awhile and I'm honestly so excited for it.. You'll definitely see my adventures there here on this space.

If we're talking about my personal life...
I thought I grew up but nothing much is different when it comes to the heart, it seems I'll always be a dreamer, I'll always be a Pisces through and through. A diehard romantic : If love was a drug, I'd say I'm most addicted to it.

Pity I've been through enough to know what happens when you're something more friends. 
When you say you belong to each other, when expectations and disappointments fill up your lives, when time passes and passion dies... What's left? Commitment, comfort?

"Don’t try to trap us with the word 'love'.
Because it’s a greed that can’t be filled.

All the feelings are the same now.
But in this moment, I want you to stay"

Status? Happy.

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