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April 16, 2017

So... It finally happened!
(And if you think this is going in a positive direction, you're wrong)

** ALSO, there will be informative but relatively gross pictures in this post but because the teaching points outweigh that so they're still going up anyway!
Am hoping the bare faced but decent selfie I took today (above) can make up for what you're about to see... **

I've always been warned against trying new products on my face, but I'm so lucky to have lots of products sent to me all the time, I can't help but want to try them all and share with you guys if they're good - More than one skin doctor have told me to always try products on the inside of your arm before you put it on your face just in case you're allergic or it ends up in a break out because it isn't suitable for your skin. 

I was lucky to not have any issues all along but this time, it really happened.. I tried an anti-aging cream that's from a brand I really like (that I'm sure is probably very effective for the right skin type) so when I felt a 'biting' feeling on the sides of my face after a minute or two, I thought "Yay! It's working". 

It was fine for a day or two, but then I noticed that there were so many little bumps on the sides of my face that looked like oil clogs while washing my face because although it wasn't very visible, I could FEEL them!

I took a picture of the sides of my face and to my horror, this is what the left side of my face looked like and continued to look like till I went for a facial two days later (that scab there was me trying to squeeze one of them myself) :

All my friends who saw me were really shocked when they saw my skin looking like this because I take really good care of my skin and this never, ever happens..

So when I visited Beauti Instinct on the day this ^ picture was taken, I just thought in my mind that we HAVE to extract everything. No matter the pain I had to go through, I was willing.

But I was advised instead to come back a week later and do the BI INTENSE ACNE TREATMENT first, to see if extraction was really needed, because usually extraction isn't the first choice. 

I did a LIVE video on Instagram stories on that day so if you joined me for my facial then (and so many of you sweethearts did!), you'd know!

The BI INTENSE ACNE PROGRAM helps to control bacterial & acne in the comedonic and inflammatory phase, just a week later, the right side of my face got better, I was left with only 3 bumps on that side.

You can quote "RW" for the BI INTENSE ACNE PROGRAMME and enjoy a one time treatment @$269.00 (U.P. $1085.00)

However, there still were these many bumps and so Rita decided to do the BI 8 in 1 STATE OF THE ART ACNE TREATMENT + extraction for me!

"This treatment consists of advanced scientific and natural ingredients that exfoliate the outer layer of the skin to unclog pores, release excess sebum and remove bacteria while smoothing the upper dermal layer, decreasing any possible infections to eliminate acne, acne scarring and hyper pigmentation through a triple process for a smoother, clearer and healthier complexion. The treatment's long term benefits removes excessive sebum & decreases sebum production, softens & diminishes comedones & prevents the appearance of new ones, soothes & reduces skin redness, diminishes the formation of new scars, reduces & prevents hyperpigmentation, increases skin elasticity, triggers skin renewal & stimulates cell regeneration."

Here's a video of how that went, with some of the main steps :

And after my not-so-pretty extraction, this was all the gunk from my skin, mostly from the left side of my face :

I know it's probably a turn off to everyone reading this post but I was SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS because I just wanted all that dirt out of my face!

I think no extraction can happen without some pain or redness but it is important that whoever does the extraction for you has the right products to apply after the extraction to ensure your skin heals properly.

This is how my skin has been healing over the past few days, with the help of daily masking :

And this is my skin this morning!

Quote "RW" for the BI 8 IN 1 STATE OF THE ART ACNE PROGRAMME and enjoy a one time treatment @$269.00 (U.P. $816.00)

If you're wondering what products I've been using as aftercare and what I meant by daily masking :
I've literally been using these 2 facial masques every single day! 

The BIONIC OXYGENATING MASQUE delivers an infusion of molecular Oxygen to detoxify and eliminate aging dullness, encourage vital cellular energy and provide essential support for optimal collagen levels and I super love how easy this is to use, plus it's fun because it bubbles on your skin and you can feel it working.

I've featured the CELL REJUVENATING MASQUE on my Instagram HERE so you can see a video of how this is used and the instant results after usage! I love it.

I also have some products to help maintain my skin, and I really love that this BI CLARIFYING SOLUTION + BI CLARIFYING CREAM set is a really easy combo to use!

All products are available in store and will be available online soon! 

I'm really thankful that there was someone to help me when something like this happened to my skin because I usually don't get acne and I was really at a loss of what to do - If you're like me or if you usually already have acne-prone skin, now you know where you can go ;)

Kindly call Beauti Instinct at +65 67339149 for further enquiries or booking for a FREE Consultation! Terms & Conditions apply! // Valid till 30th April 2017//

545 Orchard Road # 03-14 Far East Shopping Centre

P.S. if you're wondering, this is sponsored but not a paid post. I actually usually only do IG postings but decided to do this blogpost up because it was such a huge deal to me!


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